Darn, I thought I mentioned it….

Just a short note…… I finished ‘Now and THEN’ a few weeks back. I was sure I mentioned that here, but I guess that was on Blogger, which is my main creative spot. This is more for everyday journaling, which I don’t do often enough. I used to. Odd, but for a writer, you’d think I’d….write more.  Well, I do, but most of it is in a notebook, as I attempt to put together a personal Bible Study for helping people in cult situations. I usually meet up with them around this time of the  year (Easter),  and last year I was a bit rushed, so I wanna make up for it by making some time for them. I also plan on starting a page on this site to help out people who go on line for Bible info.

How did I get, from announcing the completion of a story to talking about witnessing to people in cults?  Who knows?  It’s early and I’ve been up most of the night. Fool that I am, I took a laxative before bed. I thought I was going to die!  If you’ve ever felt like a doll who’s been squeezed in the front and back AT THE SAME TIME…welcome to my world!  Let us pray I don’t get that foolish again. And speaking of NOT doing anymore foolish things….NO MORE ICE CAP SUPREMES from Tim Hortons!  I don’t know what it is with that drink…I love it, but it clearly has issues with me!  Put it to you this way….whatever problems you might have with McDonald’s food…this does the opposite.

But enough about that! Point is, the story is finished and I am thinking about another project, but right now, it’s not really activated in my head.  I need a week…a weekend where there is NOTHING going on!  Nowhere to go, but church and sleep.  This weekend I have church and then I’m going over to my mom’s.  Funny, but for a single woman, with no kids, you’d think I’d have personal time coming out of my ears!  Not so much!  How DOES my sister cope, I can only guess!

Anyway, I’ve got to pour myself another cup of coffee and pray for a few hours of sleep before work today. I’ll be going to pay my rent in another hour. Why another hour?  Because I also have to go shopping and the store I go to doesn’t open til ten, so I’ll wait and drink coffee and pray to get through this day with a few hours of sleep to my name!  Maybe this post should be under, My Scream Pillow!

One of THOSE days!

When life calls for it.



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