Feeling Adventurous!

Well, the weekend is here, and, as per schedule, it is 5:20 in the a.m. and I’m still up. I’ve got half a dozen things to do, not the LEAST of which is my laundry, which I want to get out of the way before next week. I have a three day weekend with pay, and I sure as Smurf don’t wanna spend it in the laundry room!

In the meantime, I finally SHUT WINDOWS for good and I’ve now got Mail.com and so far, even in terms of communication, it feels better. Of course, if I nee d more room to write,  there’s here, but I also have two GBs on my new mail site. Quite spiffy, too, as I can pick my own music as a cue when I have mail. I chose piano. So WindowsLive can flamin’ well drop dead!

As to the other stuff that needs doing today…. I need to change something on my proboards page…chapter 6 can stay but I need to get a new picture and have Dreams and Nightmares for chapter 7.   There’s a pic of Josh Groban and…I’ll show you…

Save 4 7

Anywho, I need to get some serious work done today. I want Winslow to meet Simon Cowell as well as the guy who reminds him JUST A WEEEE bit too much of his former tormentor (Swan),  have Old Souls recorded by Susan Boyle,  and then, for la Creme da la CREME…..Josh Groban singing Faust at the Majestic (formerly known as The PARADISE)  it just won’t be mentioned as such in the story. BUttttt, I’m thinking it would be kinda cool to somehow mention the Juicy Fruits being there. Or, the guys formerly known as…. to have them find out that the guy who killed Swan is still alive and that HIS music is being acknowledged as his…. somehow, they find themselves rooting for him, (though they likely WON’T tell him who they used to be….  Anywho, that’s the plan!

At the immediate moment, however, my plan includes food. Perhaps a fried egg sandwich and more coffee. Yuh. Need more coffee!  And a guy with a tooth ache needs more sugar! Oh sure!

Will keep you updated!

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