William Finley (1942-2012)

William Finley (1942-2012).

I’ve been finding some super decent blog posts in Memmoriam.  So  I really don’t care what Mike lets me post. My thoughts will be on my page!  And those, whose thoughts I value and appreciate.


William Finley as Emil Breton, 'SISTERS' 1973

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Ever Have One of THOSE Months?!?!

Titanic Sinking

Humanity’s Pride.

April has come. April is GONE! Thank GOD!!! OY! What a month!!! The Easter long Weekend was the last peaceful weekend I had that month.  Then renovations started in my apartment building and  everything in my apartment was in the process of being disshelved;  That was on the weekend of the 14th of April.  It’s 2012, and the 14th of April marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Realizing I’d be spending the rest of the weekend shamblizing my place for this, that and whatever else had to be done, I spent the 14th (Saturday) at my mom’s,  watching Night to Remember; THE ultimate Titanic version.  Odd, how I was…reflecting on the lives of people I didn’t know. But how can you not feel for people who have mortality staring them in the face, in the very place they were soooo sure they were safe. How’s that for a jumping-off point for a sermon?   A humanist wouldn’t care for it!  That’s okay, because I’m not a humanist. And that’s not the point of this post anyway.  This is just a vent….an observation of the last month. Assurances that we seem to have, that everything will be as it was, don’t always play out in ‘real life’. There are unpleasant surprises.  On that chilly April night,  a good forty miles from the nearest body of  land (Newfoundland)  hundreds of people huddled in lifeboats; watching as the ship that ‘GOD HIMSELF’ could not sink, as it dipped deeper and deeper, into the icy cold North Atlantic Ocean.  If the sight of that ‘Unsinkable’ liner going under wasn’t enough of a tragedy, there were still people on the ship! Either on deck, or trapped in steerage.  Many assuming that they were safer on the deck of the mighty Titanic, than freezing in dinky little lifeboats, that would be brought back, anyway, when the ship was repaired, or everyone would be bought aboard a rescue ship on time, worse coming to the worst!  There are some things the mind is not equipped to deal with.

And speaking of things the mind isn’t equipped to deal with…. one day after the one hundredth anniversary of that horrific night, I set about preparing my place for a huge spring cleaning and clearing out of stuff I wanted to get rid of anyway. All week, off and on, I’d be having work men, showing up at ungodly hours of the morning, to do whatever, so I wanted all that done by the end of the weekend so I wouldn’t have to deal with it during the week.  But before that, I decided to check my emails, which is when I found the letter that I should have waited til the end of the day to read.   I was cranky enough; having to turn my apartment into the replica of an explosion at a rummage sale without adding grief to the mix!

By some strange irony, that I wouldn’t have even considered, seven years earlier, the same guy who gave me the news I got on Sunday, April 15th, 2012, was the same person who gave a lot of us MUCH BETTER NEWS on Monday, March 7th, 2005.

Moments you remember all your life....

“There are moments you remember all your life..”

I remember reading the page on a Brian DePalma fan forum. Disbelieving what I was reading, and then, when it sunk in that I was actually SEEING this, I made some kind of noise that the computer tech in my class mistook for a sound someone made upon seeing a mouse or having a stroke!  I do not remember what that sound was, though I can speculate.  And for the rest of that day, and the month and a half that followed, a MILLION fears  circled my head.  1) Cancellation. 2)Terrorist attack 3). The EVENT would be sold out before I got a ticket…   Thankfully, NONE of these dire predictions materialized, although I was nearly denied admittance when the top half of my ticket tore off.  But Doug knew me somehow and let me in!  That night, I got to meet two people that  I just about grew up with! And as well as being on screen, they were IN the Garrick.  But one in particular.  The actor who embodied the character, who kicked some serious butt!

If you’re reading this, I assume I don’t have to tell you who Winslow Leach was.  I don’t have his complete back-story, (bio of his life before he arrived where we see him), but  I’m fairly quirky in the same way, so I could almost imagine it.  Though a guy named Bjorne  Rostaing did that in 1974, with a book of the same name (Phantom of the Paradise).  I didn’t care for most of it, that I didn’t recognize from the movie. However, I do have a new appreciation for the background of that character’s life. With age comes wisdom, all that stuff.

“Why Winslow?” you ask. “Why not Swan?  He was cute. He had power.”   True. And I did have a crush on both character and actor for a while. I’d go into detail, but that would turn this post into a NOVEL!   This will have to do..    http://www.mywritersworkshop.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=whatever&thread=46&page=1   I believe chapter 5 (Hello, I’m Winslow Leach~Profile of a Hero), should set that question to rights.

And now, to Winslow’s wiser brother, William (Finley).   http://www.angelfire.com/de/palma/blog/index.blog?topic_id=1059031  In my early grade school years (grade one and two ) Jim Henson had become a teacher of sorts, through the Sesame Street Muppets.  Through those furry, Felt and feathered creatures, I learned about numbers and letters. Apart from math, though, which I didn’t really care for, I didn’t pay much attention to number. Letters were my favorite because letters were made into words, which were made into sentences. These sentences could be constructed into paragraphs. A whole lot of paragraphs together became stories, which fed my imagination.

I didn’t know I even wanted to become a writer when I met my second ‘teacher’, one drab Sunday in 1975.  I probably didn’t even realize that I had met my second teacher until a bit later;  once my initial infatuation with Swan ( the blonde guy with the boyish smirk) wore off and I saw him for the scuzz he was.

Ya know… I scanned over this page and realized I didn’t happen to mention said film associated with the two main characters I’m talking about,  but if you’re reading this,  chances are, you already know.  If not, then one of the listed tags should help.

Anywho, where was I?  Oh, yes…my former infatuation.  Like so many other girls in my age group, I fell for cute, and stayed with him because I didn’t have the strength of character to stand up for myself, or the guy I found myself really liking.  As soon as I decided I liked writing,  (following a class assignment that found its way into the school newspaper)  I found I had the courage to take Winslow’s side, especially when the other girls had moved on to other teen crushes and whether I liked ‘Swan’ or didn’t no longer mattered to them.  So I was free to root for the good guy, who stood up to an enemy he’d earlier mistook for a kindred spirit, creatively speaking.  I recall either before or just after Phantompalooza 1, getting into a good-natured debate with one of the event organizers, about the sins and virtues of Winslow Leach;  and decided I liked Winslow better as a flawed human than a faultless super-hero.

When all is said and done, though, Winslow (by way of William Finley)  became my unintended second teacher, as I learned as much from his mistakes as I did from the actions he took to regain the work that his naivete had lost him.  But he DID stand up for himself.  And while he didn’t get back what was his, he LITERALLY died, TRYING!   In so doing,  that ‘nobody‘ kid from ‘nowhere‘ U.S.A.  accomplished more for musicians and the creative community than some of the most established names in the game! He was the Underdog we all feel like,  but still did what he needed to do to get back what was his! Oh,sure, Winslow could have just sat and stewed over being screwed over, but who wants to watch a movie about a guy having an ulcer!?

Character collage

A collection of characters created by William Finley 1940-2012

To that end, it was a singular HONOR to be able to say THANK YOU to William, in person, for the impact he and Winslow had on me!

Last month marked the 7th anniversary of the original Phantompalooza event, and while the occasion was decidedly more somber, because of William’s passing,  THE one plus was that, 7 years earlier, we got to tell some long time friends that we appreciated them!    I’m glad Mr. Finley took the risk and came to Winnipeg to find that out!

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“What shall I do with this man, who is called ‘King of the Jews’?” (Mark 15:12)

“What shall I do with this man, who is called ‘King of the Jews’?” (Mark 15:12).

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I’m contemplating a new story, but not sure if I want to go the regular route, agent and all, or publish on line. Will give this page a closer read and weigh the pros and cons. Thanks for posting this!

The WordPress.com Blog

 We know many of you love your blogs, and gleefully publish photos and posts without thoughts to reuse your work in other forms. But we know some wonder: could this be a book? Recently we wrote about how a WordPress.com blogger scored a book deal for You Are Not So Smart. But what if you want to do it all yourself?

As a blogger who has authored several successful books with publishers, and who works on WordPress.com, I recently self-published a book based entirely on posts from my blog. I wanted to see what I could learn, and I’m here to share it all with you.

The book I self-published is called Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. It’s a collection of my best essays from my WordPress blog at scottberkun.com, where I write about ideas, creativity and leadership. The book has done well, and has often been…

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Darn, I thought I mentioned it….

Just a short note…… I finished ‘Now and THEN’ a few weeks back. I was sure I mentioned that here, but I guess that was on Blogger, which is my main creative spot. This is more for everyday journaling, which I don’t do often enough. I used to. Odd, but for a writer, you’d think I’d….write more.  Well, I do, but most of it is in a notebook, as I attempt to put together a personal Bible Study for helping people in cult situations. I usually meet up with them around this time of the  year (Easter),  and last year I was a bit rushed, so I wanna make up for it by making some time for them. I also plan on starting a page on this site to help out people who go on line for Bible info.

How did I get, from announcing the completion of a story to talking about witnessing to people in cults?  Who knows?  It’s early and I’ve been up most of the night. Fool that I am, I took a laxative before bed. I thought I was going to die!  If you’ve ever felt like a doll who’s been squeezed in the front and back AT THE SAME TIME…welcome to my world!  Let us pray I don’t get that foolish again. And speaking of NOT doing anymore foolish things….NO MORE ICE CAP SUPREMES from Tim Hortons!  I don’t know what it is with that drink…I love it, but it clearly has issues with me!  Put it to you this way….whatever problems you might have with McDonald’s food…this does the opposite.

But enough about that! Point is, the story is finished and I am thinking about another project, but right now, it’s not really activated in my head.  I need a week…a weekend where there is NOTHING going on!  Nowhere to go, but church and sleep.  This weekend I have church and then I’m going over to my mom’s.  Funny, but for a single woman, with no kids, you’d think I’d have personal time coming out of my ears!  Not so much!  How DOES my sister cope, I can only guess!

Anyway, I’ve got to pour myself another cup of coffee and pray for a few hours of sleep before work today. I’ll be going to pay my rent in another hour. Why another hour?  Because I also have to go shopping and the store I go to doesn’t open til ten, so I’ll wait and drink coffee and pray to get through this day with a few hours of sleep to my name!  Maybe this post should be under, My Scream Pillow!

One of THOSE days!

When life calls for it.



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Feeling Adventurous!

Well, the weekend is here, and, as per schedule, it is 5:20 in the a.m. and I’m still up. I’ve got half a dozen things to do, not the LEAST of which is my laundry, which I want to get out of the way before next week. I have a three day weekend with pay, and I sure as Smurf don’t wanna spend it in the laundry room!

In the meantime, I finally SHUT WINDOWS for good and I’ve now got Mail.com and so far, even in terms of communication, it feels better. Of course, if I nee d more room to write,  there’s here, but I also have two GBs on my new mail site. Quite spiffy, too, as I can pick my own music as a cue when I have mail. I chose piano. So WindowsLive can flamin’ well drop dead!

As to the other stuff that needs doing today…. I need to change something on my proboards page…chapter 6 can stay but I need to get a new picture and have Dreams and Nightmares for chapter 7.   There’s a pic of Josh Groban and…I’ll show you…

Save 4 7

Anywho, I need to get some serious work done today. I want Winslow to meet Simon Cowell as well as the guy who reminds him JUST A WEEEE bit too much of his former tormentor (Swan),  have Old Souls recorded by Susan Boyle,  and then, for la Creme da la CREME…..Josh Groban singing Faust at the Majestic (formerly known as The PARADISE)  it just won’t be mentioned as such in the story. BUttttt, I’m thinking it would be kinda cool to somehow mention the Juicy Fruits being there. Or, the guys formerly known as…. to have them find out that the guy who killed Swan is still alive and that HIS music is being acknowledged as his…. somehow, they find themselves rooting for him, (though they likely WON’T tell him who they used to be….  Anywho, that’s the plan!

At the immediate moment, however, my plan includes food. Perhaps a fried egg sandwich and more coffee. Yuh. Need more coffee!  And a guy with a tooth ache needs more sugar! Oh sure!

Will keep you updated!

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Last February.

Just writing a short note; wondering if Mike is mad at me for sending that Chick Tract to try to witness to himself and his sister, who’s sick.  I won’t recant, I just hope that isn’t the case.  I mean, Mike gave me Winslow. I’d like to return the favor, in a MUCH BIGGER WAY.

February 10, 2012~   All’s well. Mike emailed me yesterday and he was teasing, so we’re still friends. That’s good to know. I just hope he read that tract.

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Mike, Curtis and me.

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We’re Going the WRONG WAY!!!! {Debunking Evolutionist View of the ELEVATION of the Human Condition}

It is becoming the more predominant world view who call themselves BELIEVERS IN CHRIST. Only they are trying to have it BOTH ways; saying that God ‘created’ but that He did it through evolution.

Everything without Nothing?

De-progressive man. Evolution=Result without a Source

Either way you look at it, the result is the same. SELF-PROGRESSION. No guiding hand. Yet, humanity has ALLEGEDLY gone, from a single-celled emiba to monkeys, to the Flintstone’s, to where we are NOW!

Question to be asked IS….Where ARE we NOW?!?!  I mean, okay, we’re not swinging from trees anymore, (assuming we ever did….I couldn’t do the monkey bars thing in grade school) and we’ve stopped using porcupines as floor scrubbing brushes, a la Wilma Flintstone.  But have things REALLY  gotten any better?  Technologically, there can be no doubt!  In a mere ten years, cell phones, which were gaining a hold, have exploded onto the scene!  Where they used to only  make phone calls, ten years later, we have cameras and audio recording capabilities. Today, we have Blackberries and ‘Slates’.  By the time the contract on my cell phone expires, who knows what will be possible?  That’s all well and good.  What we can do, with technology and ‘machinery’  is mind-boggling!  Morally, however, we are in the TOILET and someone’s about to flush!

All you have to do is look around. Check the paper. Listen to or watch the news.  If human society is SUPPOSED to be ADVANCING, according to the evolutionary hypothesis, we’re not doing a great job!  Murders, terrorism, financial unrest the world over.  What’s the deal?! Shouldn’t we be at or, at the very least NEAR some point of  completion?  Considering that homosapiens have been on this planet for a billion or so years, one would assume that substantial progress would have come by this point.  WHAT AM I MISSING?! Is there a place of finality, where humanity will reach that Shangra-la?  Our self-made Utopia; free from all the aggravation we’ve thrown off, in our progressive climb upward?  Where IS it and What will we have to do in order to, at last, reach that place of peace? Because I have to tell ya, I’m not seeing it!  Socio-political commentators like Bill Maher are great proponents of the evolutionist position that humanity is ‘Movin’ on UP”, to quote a 70’s sitcom theme. And, for the sake of discussion….believing Mr. Maher to be telling the truth,  I still have to wonder how much further humanity has to go, before we reach the pinnacle of our upward climb. IS there a pinnacle or do we just keep climbing?  And how much further before we actually start seeing some improvement in our over-all condition?  Because, if our current situation is any indication of the direction we’re heading,  We’re going the WRONG WAY!

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Diary of a Devout Procrastinator


C’est Moi!  I start up a new blog and now I’m afraid of sharing some of the stuff that’s on my mind.  Okay, so that should go onto another page. But, now that I’m here, I might as well get started.

I think I mentioned, in a previous post, that I have three posts I want to get going on, but can’t seem to make a move on them. I’ve got a good….hour anyway, before I have to get ready for work, and so I’m gonna make an effort NOW…..

I remember that

High school typing class!

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